The party gin tin on wheels


The spirit of the horse

Juniper was hidden by branches when we first set eyes upon her. 
Covered in cobwebs and flaking away from the inside...we knew she was the one. 
Good old fashioned graft, combined with a splash of creativity and a massive glug of determination and we're off....
She gave us the strength to be bold and set upon a path neither of us had ever explored.
Unleashed: the horse's vitality represents inner strength and a desire for freedom.
This spirit beast epitomises free do you feel to express yourself?
Newspaper journalist Laura and support worker Kay suddenly felt voiceless. 
Cutting the corporate reins restored our inner voices and set us free (just like the horse that bolted). Just like...WINNERS!

  1. Chipping away at her flakey carcass
    Chipping away at her flakey carcass
  2. The first of her '40 licks'
    The first of her '40 licks'
  3. The spirit of the beast
    The spirit of the beast
  4. 6
  5. Dream team
    Dream team
  6. 7
  7. Girls that GRAFT
    Girls that GRAFT
  8. 5
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